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A Little Bit About The Author

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Hi, I'm William

Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm an author, a walker, and I collect owl knickknacks. I'm also a bit of a loner, although those who've met me in real life claim they'd never have guessed.


During my crisis years, I met many people with loved ones diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Most were suffering some variation of what my family was going through. We'd share our experience, what worked and what didn't work. We'd open our hearts to each other, often unable to hold back our tears. There was no judgement. We understood what each other was going through. We were all searching for that elusive miracle cure. Gradually, my expectations became more realistic, and I redefined what success meant for my family.

When I first decided to write Super Dad, the idea of telling the world my story was terrifying. After all, who wants to admit how dysfunctional their life has been? But I had to write it because I want those in similar situations to know there is hope. Recovery may be a painful journey, but it's one we don't have to take alone. 

Take your time and look around. I share a little more about the memoir and put together several resource pages based on what worked for me. Don't forget to check the "Reasons for Hope" section there. 

You can send me an email or leave a comment on my Facebook page. Or maybe we'll meet in one of Randi Kreger's support groups. Either way, I'd love to hear from you.

William J. Burrows

Coming Soon

Super Dad: A Memoir of Codependency and Redemption

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For years William Burrows tends to his suicidal wife and daughters, all diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. When they are in crisis, Super Dad emerges. The British expat meets his family’s every need—but never his own. His life spirals into alcohol abuse, an affair, and a breakdown. Only then does he see the truth: Super Dad is no hero. He is the ultimate codependent. Burrows breaks the cycle when he becomes the patient, ignites his spiritual life, and unravels the mystery at the core of his life—the true story of the father he never met.

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